‘Take time out for YOU to plan your own business manifesto’

What’s the story?

The founders of The Entrepreneurial Retreat Programme, Ian Golding and Professor Graham Shapiro, first met at an Awards ceremony out in Dubai in 2015. Since then they have become good friends.

During COVID-19 they believed there was an opportunity to create a refreshing experience for business leaders, directors, managers and serial entrepreneurs in the UK to come together for a few days.


The concept of The Entrepreneurial Retreat Programme is for liked-minded individuals to ‘have time out’, in relaxed surroundings, away from everything, work on their business and not in it and put together their own unique business manifesto.

Business leaders know from experience that sometimes making strategic decisions can be lonely. The process of arriving at the right path to take is sometimes fraught and less than certain, especially at the beginning. The Entrepreneurial Retreat Programme can help. This working business model is a formula for success that will continue to evolve, develop and enable you to pursue your aims, objectives and dreams!

In the mix, as mentors, Ian Golding is able to give advice on customer experience.
Ian has travelled the world helping to change 1,000’s of businesses for the better.

Professor Graham Shapiro is an inventor, designer and serial digital entrepreneur. A CEO of three companies and a Charity. He gives talks on how to build and sustain a business over many years. Currently his main company GSD® has developed branding and websites for some of the world’s most respected companies over 25 years.

It is time to put your own oxygen mask on and think of yourself. Come along to enjoy this unique experience and plan your successful business journey ahead.

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